Apogee Labs, Inc. is a leading supplier of data acquisition, data transport/distribution, testing, and specialty engineering solutions to the telemetry and communications communities. Their products include airborne and ground-based multiplexers, portable and rack mounted testers (BERTs), serial PCM input and output nodes (TMoIP), video encoders/decoders, digital switches, rugged tactical encoders, configurable multi-function displays, interface conversion equipment, and many other innovative products and system solutions


Dewesoft develops and manufactures versatile and easy-to-use data acquisition systems. Their hardware is built to be extremely rugged and versatile with an emphasis on usability. By working closely with test engineers in many different industries is reflected in the ease of use of their DAQ systems. What sets their hardware apart is the versatility and usability. The same instrument can be used simply as an oscilloscope, data logger/recorder, FFT spectrum analyzer or fully featured instrument for power analysis, automotive testing, NVH, aerospace applications and more.


Dytran specializes in designing and manufacturing custom sensors, including piezoelectric and MEMS accelerometers, dynamic force and pressure transducers, USB accelerometers with software included, and digital bus-based sensors. Accelerometer product offerings include miniature, general purpose, triaxial, high temperature, industrial, airborne, high sensitivity, specialty, shock accelerometers and digital bus-based sensors. Products are used in aerospace, automotive, military, R&D, test and measurement and industrial applications.


GP:50 specializes in precision pressure transducers and transmitters for the industrial, petroleum, process, sanitary (flush diaphragm), plastics (melt pressure) and aerospace industries.

GP:50's goal is to offer the widest variety of pressure transducers and accessories with competitive pricing and excellent service..


GRAS Sound & Vibration is a worldwide leader in the sound and vibration industry. We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art measurement microphones and related equipment to industries where acoustic measuring accuracy and repeatability is of utmost importance. This includes applications and solutions for customers within the fields of aerospace, automotive, audiology, consumer electronics, and other high-demanding industries.


Microchip’s end-to-end timing solutions generate, distribute and apply precise time for multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure, financial services, industrial and more. Their customers range from communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers to governments and their suppliers worldwide. Precise, accurate time enables virtually all infrastructures such as data centers, wired and wireless communications, financial exchanges, industrial networks, smart power grid, and other secure communications.


Zodiac Aerospace was a French aerospace group founded in 1896 that supplies systems and equipment for aircraft. It had around 100 sites across the globe and employed nearly 35,000 people. In October 2018 is was acquired by French aerospace and defense company Safran. Zodiac provides products to include Ground Station Recorders, Flight Test Encoder/Recorders, Tracking Antennas Fixed/Portable, Telemetry/Space Compact to 11M Transmitters and Flight Termination


SAF Tehnika is a Latvian designer, producer and distributor of digital Microwave Data transmission equipment. SAF Tehnika products provide wireless back-haul solutions for digital voice and data transmission to mobile and fixed network operators, data service providers, governments and private companies.

Handheld Spectrum Analyzers up to 86 GHz

Handheld Signal Generators up to 40 GHz



Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) designs and manufactures industrial and laboratory ovens and furnaces, and environmental temperature cycling and stability test chambers. From composite curing ovens to epoxy curing ovens, TPS has a vast range of top performance industrial ovens for your application. With maximum temperature uniformity, superior heat ramp up and recovery, and over-temperature protection, our industrial ovens are ideal for powder coat curing, annealing and more. Choose from mechanical convection, inert gas, top-loading or bench ovens.


Ulyssix is focused on the development of board level products for the telemetry community. These types of products can be easily installed into an existing host computer eliminating the need for additional portable or rack mount equipment. They also provide high speed access to digitized data from the bus for analysis or storage. Our current product offerings, including Receivers, Bit Syncs/Frame Syncs, PCM Decommutators, Simulators, and legacy Digital Baseband FM Demodulators which are described on the Products Page of the website. These products were developed taking direction from the input we have received from our customers. 


Universal Switching Corporation (USC) designs and manufactures best-in-class programmable signal switching, conversion and distribution products for use in the Defense, Aerospace, Communications, Broadcast, Telemetry and ATE markets. Matrices for RF signals (covering bands within DC-40GHz), analogue video, digital video (SD, HD), 530, 422 data, LVDS, PECL. Modular design systems.


ViaLite Communications designs and manufactures RF over fiber links and systems. The wide dynamic range and broadband nature of ViaLite technology supports the transmission of data of any modulation type with minimal degradation. A diverse range of applications is catered for by ViaLite products, optimized for specific applications including: satcom teleports, satellite ground stations, satellite downlinks, VSAT, inter-facility linking, cellular networks, TV broadcast and GPS timing signal distribution.