Universal Switching Corporation (USC)


About us

Universal Switching Corporation (USC) is a privately held corporation in the city of Burbank located in southern California. The company manufactures best-in-class programmable signal switching and distribution products for rugged and industrial applications, government subcontractors, and for industrial or commercial customers in the US and abroad.

The company was created with three objectives in mind:

  1. Provide the best switching, distribution and conversion equipment on the market.
  2. Provide superior service and serviceability utilizing modular, expandable, leading edge designs by blending the full spectrum of available technology .
  3. Provide our customers with timely and cost-effective solutions for all their signal applications.

Why Chose USC?

With over 25 years of expertise in the manufacture of signal switching and distribution equipment, Universal Switching Corporation has established a name for quality. With a core competency in the signal arena, USC is focused on switching and distribution needs within a variety of industries and the direction of future requirements. A range of USC products are used in the most sensitive of areas requiring high reliability such as aerospace and defense, surveillance stations, satellite communications, as well as “everyday” automated production testing and evaluation applications.

We utilize product materials that are the utmost quality & that's a major reason why the company has an excellent quality, reliability and support reputation in the sphere of signal management. Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System insures continuous product and process improvements each and every day.

Products By Type, Market

Although switching was USC's first product and is their core competency, many additional synergistic products have been developed over the years such as distribution amplifiers, power dividers, multi-couplers, attenuators, protocol converters, and fiber optic interfaces. Since their first solid-state six-level 8x8 product in 1992,they have continued to clear away the technical boundaries of automated signal switching, distribution and automation. Shown in the table below are their various types of products grouped into application profiles or product type.

Video Matrices, Switches, Distribution

Video Matrices, Switches, Distribution

Video Matrices, Switches, Distribution

Video Products

Matrix & Switches

Digital and Analog

Telemetry Products

Video Matrices, Switches, Distribution

Video Matrices, Switches, Distribution

Precise voltage and current front end combined  

Clock and Data

PCM, TTL, 422


Line and Distribution Amps


Test & Evaluation

Video Matrices, Switches, Distribution

RF Matrices & Switches

Multi-purpose Switches

Coaxial Relay Modules (70000)

High Isolation 

Precision Instrumentation Matrix


Low MTTR Matrix (DC-18GHz)

RF Matrices & Switches

Distribution Amps & Multicouplers

RF Matrices & Switches

HF & RF (1-32MHz) 

IF Band (40-200MHz) 

L-Band (850-2450MHz) 

Wideband (20-3000GHz)

Microwave (DC-18GHz, 50GHz)

Redundancy Switching


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Distribution Amps & Multicouplers

Distribution Amps & Multicouplers

Distribution Amps & Multicouplers

Digital (TTL, ECL, '422, RS530)

Analog Video (DC-150MHz)

RF Multicouplers (1.5MHz-5500MHz)

Digital Video (UHD-SDI, 8K, 4K)

Baseband analog 

Protocol conversion (TTL/422) 

Command, Control & Timing

Distribution Amps & Multicouplers

Distribution Amps & Multicouplers

Clock & Data Matrix

Data Distribution

RS530 Satellite Modem Matrix 

Fiber Transport & LNB Control

Fiber Transport & LNB Control

Fiber Transport & LNB Control

RF Over Fiber

LNB Power & Control

Controllers, Software GUI

Fiber Transport & LNB Control

Fiber Transport & LNB Control

C3 Controller 

MAC4 Master Array Controller

Drivers & LabVIEW 

Global Signal Switching, Conversion, Distribution Specialist

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