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About us

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) designs and manufactures industrial and laboratory ovens and furnaces,  and environmental temperature cycling and stability test chambers. Product brands include Blue M, Gruenberg, Lindberg/MPH, Tenney, Wisconsin Oven, and Baker Furnace. TPS headquarters are located in New Columbia, Pennsylvania. Baker Furnace is located in Brea, California, Lindberg/MPH is located in Riverside, Michigan, and Wisconsin Oven is located in East Troy, Wisconsin.

TPS Rental equipment

TPS has been in the equipment rental business since 2004 and has shipped thousands of new and refurbished industrial ovens and test chambers to our rental customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Renting equipment allows you the flexibility to test equipment before buying it, validate your test process and complete testing without incurring a capital expense. Renting also allows you to stretch your project dollars all while getting the reliability and durability of a quality oven or chamber. Your time and money is valuable, so we strive to provide you with the best options available. 

Refurbished Equipment

TPS has been in the equipment refurbish business since 2004 and has shipped well over a thousand refurbished industrial ovens and test chambers to satisfied customers worldwide. As the OEM for Tenney, Lunaire, Blue M, Gruenberg, Lindberg/MPH, and Wisconsin Oven, there is no one more qualified to refurbish our equipment. Our products are refurbished by the skilled craftsmen who built them and are offered for both sale and rent. For this reason, you will find a variety of used ovens, furnaces, and environmental chambers that will meet your many demands but also provide the reliability and durability you deserve.

Online Store

TPS  online store is where customers can buy complete chambers to air filters with everything in between.








Industry Applications

Solar Energy

Pioneering the search for renewable resources, the solar energy industry has reached heightened popularity in recent years. From solar heating and photovoltaics to thermal electricity and architecture, the technologies that will someday run our world require highly efficient environmental testing systems to engineer and build these advancements.  That's when they come to TPS. With some of the most innovative and high performance solar panel testing solutions available, we help the solar industry achieve high quality products that withstand the elements.

Defense and Aerospace

As we explore our world on land, sea, and in the air, new technologies are born. The defense and aerospace industry has experienced a boom over the recent years, and the need for safe, quality components and products is now a heightened priority.  Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) is helping to meet that demand with a wide range of thermal testing chambers and atmospheric simulators that meet military standards. Our team of experts can engineer and customize products to your exact needs, assuring you a solution to any issue. Leaders in the defense contracting and arms industries come to us with one thing in mind: high-caliber satisfaction.

Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment

Cleanliness can save lives in the pharmaceutical industry. The growth of microorganisms and bacteria is a main concern for scientists in medical, laboratory, and healthcare environments. Not only do microbes and parasites affect the consumer, but the product itself.  TPS aids the pharmaceutical industry in creating safer tools and products by providing them with top-notch sterilizers, ovens, and dryers. With the assistance of our thermal solutions, no products are a risk to success.

Medical Devices

Surgical specialists and nurses depend upon medical devices every day to treat millions of patients. Their tools face major wear and tear and are constantly in need of sterilization. The problems they face can affect the well-being of others, so they need quality assistance in testing and treating medical instruments.  TPS has their back, offering high-quality processing and sterilizing to help medical facilities provide the best healthcare available. Our solutions test the limits and safety of products before they become hazardous to the public


The need for speed doesn't go without its safety precautions. The thousands of components that work to get us where we need to be have to be functioning at their absolute best. The mechanics, rubber material, levers, latches, and even cup holders need to be processed through temperature and pressure tests to assure quality performance for miles.  Reliable and low cost solutions to vehicle testing are provided by TPS. Whether hardening metal parts or testing them against environmental factors, we have the materials you need to create industry-leading products.


At the heart of modern living, the electronics industry is one of the most successful industries of the 21st century. Many of our daily activities are dependent upon that electron flow, putting the pressure on the production of quality, reliable products.  Semi-conductors, circuit boards, and various other technological products are made possible with Thermal Product Solutions. By providing the electronics industry with the best crystal growing and thermal testing abilities, they can continue to satisfy our need for long-lasting, advanced technologies.

Petroleum and Natural Gas

In Pennsylvania and much of the country, the natural gas and petroleum industry has found renewed hope in the possibility of being independently sustainable. With specific requirements necessary to their success, they need custom testing and processing technologies that understand their operation.

TPS has a variety of testing ovens that are specifically calibrated to the gas industry. Accurate simulations of drilling conditions are a useful advantage to engineers and electronic or component testing prevents costly malfunctioning. No matter what the need, TPS understands and supports the industry.

Battery Industry

Whether your company serves the automotive, computer, telecommunications, defense, or alternative-energy industries, you need a safe, reliable way to test batteries. The Tenney SafeTest™ system offers a comprehensive line of standard and optional test-chamber safety features that can be customized to fit your company’s battery-testing needs.  Together, we can create the Custom Safety Solution that’s right for you!


The machinery industry, composed of mining, melting, robotics, tool and die, as well as many other processes, requires a variety of thermal tests and treatments for precise, quality products. The industry calls for consistency, and needs assistance in its delivery.  TPS makes the machines that help machines make other machines! Whether you need melting furnaces or heat-treating ovens, our advancements in thermal products aid the machinery industry in any process.

Paints, Inks and Coatings

Industries that use paints, inks, and coatings must follow a large number of requirements specific to composition. Whether acrylic or water-based, their different properties demand specific drying and curing environments.  TPS provides curing and drying ovens with proven, high-quality performance. Knowledgeable of the industry, we provide ovens that function safely under the release of volatile materials.


In radios, televisions, and computers, semi-conductors appear everywhere, making the industry a profitable and busy one. Because of the high demand, the pressure is on to ensure that these semi-conductors won't malfunction and will last for years to come.  The Blue M and Tenney chambers provided by TPS are a coveted resource among the semi-conductor industry. Curing, drying, and environmental testing is available in standard and custom models to provide the services necessary to excel in today's market.

Material Processing

Almost everything in production is processed from another material. Grains and minerals transform into powders, and solid metals reduce to smaller particles. The material processing industry is the fundamental grunt work that other productions rely on, but the industry itself relies on companies like us to help them do their job precisely.  The wide range of ovens and furnaces provided by TPS can heat up, cool down, melt, and mutate any material required for further processing. Our custom and standard machinery can meet any size and specification requirements vital to quality production.


Strong, light-weight, and durable, components manufactured from advanced composite materials have revolutionized the aerospace, automotive, marine, infrastructure, construction, wind-energy, healthcare/medical, sports-products, and consumer-goods industries. Demand for these versatile materials will only continue to grow. 

Test and Measurement

Safe, quality production is the goal of almost every company. The test and measurement industry helps people achieve that goal by assuring that every product from cars to electronics will function under the stress of physical conditions and years of heavy use.

TPS is the epitome of test and measurement. We specialize in creating standard and custom machines that challenge products to their nth degree. We give companies the opportunity to design, engineer, and assemble the best products out on the market.

Rubber and Plastic

The rubber and plastic industry is quite extensive, distributing to companies that make tires, bottles, and much more. Two malleable materials, it is necessary that products made of rubber or plastic are tested for any changes that may occur while the product is in use. They also may require processes such as annealing to make the final product more ductile or to prevent cracking.  TPS provides environmental chambers, annealing ovens, and other testing chambers that serve the rubber and plastic industry. Whether testing flammability, ductility, or ASTM standards, our machines assure safe, high-quality results

Lab Animal Sciences

Just as medical technicians must sterilize materials from one patient to another, those working in the lab animal sciences must often sterilize their tools and surfaces. Dangerous to both the tested animal and the scientist, pathogenic or opportunistic microorganisms must not be transferred into certain areas.

TPS offers advanced sterilizers that eliminate harmful pathogens, and have a variety of animal-friendly features. Humane treatment and biological safety are important qualities offered in our wide selection of chambers.


It's difficult to imagine our world without the convenience of modern communications. Dependent on this industry, telephones, satellites, radar and sonar systems, and similar technologies require testing to assure they will function and function well in the times we need them the most.

TPS has curing, drying, and environmental testing available in standard and custom models to keep the telecom industry thriving.

Lab Ovens

A versatile industry product, lab ovens are used for an innumerable amount of applications and processing. When your job requires baking, curing, drying, annealing, sterilizing, or simple heat-processing, lab ovens meet the demand. With constant heating and cooling, durability and consistency are important qualities to find in these machines.

The variety of lab ovens offered by TPS provide excellent reliability and performance. With a range of configurations like clean room, horizontal airflow, inert atmosphere, convection ovens and much more, no production is left without a quality solution.

Environmental Test Chambers / Rooms


 Tenney Environmental manufactures one of the most comprehensive lines of standard and custom environmental and temperature/humidity test chambers, walk-in rooms, and vacuum ovens in the industry. Known for its innovative engineering, robust construction, and superior performance, the Tenney line of environmental test chambers is designed to meet all your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, and vacuum-testing requirements. Click here to view an overview brochure on Tenney and Lunaire equipment. 


 Environmental chambers are ideal for the safety testing of lithium batteries, to shelf-life testing of sensitive electronics and pharmaceuticals. Tenney’s test chambers offer simulated, real-life environments to test against various temperatures and humidity.

Tenney offers standard and custom environmental product testing for defense, aerospace, electronic, biotech, medical, transportation and other material-processing industries.


Steady State, Stability and Shelf Life Test Chambers / Room


Lunaire Environmental is a leading manufacturer of steady state and shelf life testing chambers and walk-in rooms which provide constant climate testing and meet ICH guidelines . These steady state test chambers and rooms are perfect for long-term material testing on packaged products in controlled temperature storage. Lunaire steady state climatic test chambers are also ideal for research facilities and laboratories because they simulate wide range of temperature, and temperature and humidity environments. Click here for an overview brochure on Tenney and Lunaire equipment offerings. 

Lunaire Steady State Stability Test Chamber

 The Lunaire steady-state stability test chambers come in four standard sizes. The test chambers are available with work space sizes of 8, 16, 32, and 58-cubic-feet. With a variety of temperature and humidity combinations these test chambers provide the flexibility for a wide range of applications.


Chamber Size: 8 to 58 cubic feet

 Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 0 °C to +99 °C
  • Humidity: 20% to 95% RH in the dry bulb range of +20°C to +85°C, limited by a 5°C dewpoint
  • Control: ± 0.3 °C after stabilization; ±2% RH after stabilization



 Thermal Product Solutions manufactures a robust line of industrial ovens including conveyor ovens, batch oven, laboratory ovens and many more. Proudly offering the Blue M, Gruenberg and Wisconsin Oven brands. Our ovens are designed for high heat manufacturing processes ranging from annealing and drying to laboratory testing 


Chamber Size: 1.2 to 24 cubic feet

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 15°C to 350°C
  • Control: ±0.5°C
  • Uniformity: ±0.1°C
  • Run up time to maximum temperature: 60 minutes or less



Sterilizers & Drying Ovens

TPS manufactures Gruenberg and Blue M ovens for medical device drying, pharmaceutical granulation drying, lab utensil sterilization, and more. Superior airflow and temperature capabilities ensure uniform moisture removal, while a range of models with HEPA filtration, NFPA 86 Class B or Class “A” with optional inert atmosphere features meet the toughest industry requirements and safety standards. Common products processed in a Gruenberg or Blue M dry heat sterilizers or drying oven includes glassware, metal instruments, granulation and medical devices. 

Why Dry Heat?

Dry heat sterilization eliminates, removes, kills or deactivates all forms of life and other biological agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms and prions) by raising the temperature of an item to above 320°F. Heated air or steam can be used in this process. Our lab sterilizers are ideal for laboratory and pharmaceutical applications.

Dry heat ovens have several advantages of steam autoclaves, including higher temperatures and the ability to sterilize materials that might be damaged to steam or are impenetrable to moist heat. It is the most effective sterilization method, with lower energy and cost.

Class 100 Ovens / Clean Room Ovens

 Our Class 100 Clean Room Ovens provide the perfect clean environment for pharmaceutical manufacturing – eliminating any possibility for environmental pollutants like dust, microbes, and vapors from coming into contact with your product.  

 Chamber Size: 1.2 to 95.8 cubic feet

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 15°C to 350°C
  • Standard Depyrogenation Rating: 260°C
  • Control: +0.5°C
  • Uniformity: ±1%
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Run up time to 300°C: 60min.



 Thermal Product Solutions manufactures a variety of laboratory furnaces, including crucible, lab box, and tube furnaces ideal for heat treating and annealing. Furnaces for laboratories designed and manufactured by Lindberg/MPH – the industry’s leader in heat treat and melting solutions. .

LindbergMPH 1500°C Multi-Purpose Box Furnace

 The 1500°C Multi-Purpose Box Furnace maintains temperature uniformity, has a rapid response rate and boasts a dense load capability. It’s energy efficient to meet today’s workplace requirements. 


Chamber Size: 360 cubic inches to 1534.5 cubic inches

Key Specifications

  • Temperature: 1500°C maximum

Custom Solutions



 TPS Thermal Product Solutions offers the most advanced controls for our ovens and chambers.

  • Repeatability
  • Recipe management
  • Networked, web-ready monitoring
  • Ease of use and training
  • Secure access
  • Validation

We also offer complete custom programming and design of controller software for your specific needs. Our team of engineers knows the thermal processing requirements of today’s demanding applications. We invite you to challenge us in helping you control your world. 


Need an oven to do something Unique?

 At TPS, our engineering design services team will work with you to help turn your biggest thermal-processing challenges into business successes. We’ve collaborated with some of the largest and most well-known manufacturers in the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, technology, energy, electronics, consumer goods, and defense industries to develop innovative thermal-processing solutions designed to achieve the specific results our customers needed, while helping them avoid unwanted outcomes.