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Mensor, located in San Marcos, Texas functions as the manufacturing center for all Mensor branded products. These include a wide variety of precision pressure transducers, precision pressure indicators (a.k.a. digital pressure gauges), precision pressure controllers, and an even wider variety of custom system solutions for the pressure calibration market in a laboratory or in a production / testing environment.


In addition to Mensor precision pressure products, the Mensor Marketing and Sales teams are responsible for sales and distribution of products that are included within the Calibration Technology (CT) Division of The WIKA Group. These include an extensive portfolio of pressure, temperature and electrical calibration products manufactured by WIKA, and DH-Budenberg.


These brands are known world wide for their excellence in calibration and testing in the laboratory, manufacturing, and production settings.

Company History

From the first Mensor Quartz Manometer produced for the aviation industry in 1970 to the advanced computer controlled pressure calibration systems of today, Mensor's name has become synonymous with reliability and innovation in the field of precision pressure measurement, control and calibration.

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Growing advances in increasing fuel efficiency for automotive vehicles over the course of past decade has led to quality and precision improvements in a variety of automotive sensors and transducers. These sensors and transducers are characterized by high accuracy and different pressure and temperature ranges and need to be calibrated to ensure maximum performance.

Mensor can drive production efficiency improvements with our wide range of standard product ranges of pressure and temperature calibration products as well as automated customized solutions. Mensor also offers high accuracy pressure and temperature transducers thus offering measurement solutions alongside calibration products.

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Avionics / Aerospace


With advancement of technology over the years, aerospace industry has grown to be one of the most powerful industries in the world encompassing a complex web of manufacturers and suppliers all throughout its supply chain from space, military aircraft to commercial aviation. The wide range of applications involves pressure and altitude measurement transducers. Due to the highly sensitive and wide dynamic range of these transducers, their accurate performance is crucial.

Mensor started out building instrumentation for the avionics industry.  The first instrument Mensor sold was to a major avionics and airframe manufacturer.  We continue to offer a wide range of standard products along with customized solutions that comes from understand your application and hence develop individual solutions. Our products measure and calibrate a variety of pressure transducers used in avionic industry and include a new generation of updated air speed and altitude measuring and controlling instruments.



The interior climate around us has a significant effect on our well-being. Good air quality and comfortable room temperatures are essential. Accurate pressure and temperature measurement and control are a requirement for applications like heating circuits, ventilation, air – conditioning, water heating systems and refrigeration systems.

We offer a wide range of measuring and calibration products to accurately assess the performance of temperature and pressure sensing elements used in this industry. We also develop innovative, new product solutions and instrument combinations to best suit your needs. 



-  Air conditioning systems

-  Refrigeration systems

-  Ventilation systems



 The manufacturing industry covers many horizons of production processes within different industries. Due to the broad scope and faster delivery and performance needs of the consumer, the performance parameters for the components need to be tested during various stages of manufacturing. Many such industries include sensor manufacturing, test & measurement equipment manufacturing and other process instrumentation functions.

We provide a wide range of standard measurement & calibration products which can fulfil the time efficient needs of performance calibration. Our products are suited for a variety areas ranging from field or on – site calibration to laboratory equipment. We also provide calibration services and certification to ascertain the performance of your equipment. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allow batch production of products thus meeting the requirement for our OEM customers.

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Given the increasing demands on quality, product safety and precision measurement systems in pharmaceutical production and the manufacturing of medical devices, surgical equipment and innovative medical solutions, precise calibration and measurement solutions play a significant role in the safety and effectiveness of the processes.  Contamination – free and sensitive process management in this area calls for reliable measurement and calibration equipment that is highly accurate.

We offer wide range of standard products for pressure and temperature measurement & calibration. These products are suited to meet the high standards and specifications for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. This is further enhanced by our capability to offer customized solutions to meet individual customer needs.  We also provide calibration services traceable to national standards to ensure the quality and precision of your equipment. 



 The defense industry requires high performance and very low margins for instrument failure along with special certifications and standards for products. Our products ensure accurate and reliable calibration of the various pressure and temperature measuring elements used in the supply chain to ensure maximum performance in each measurement. 

We provide standard as well as specific customized solutions for defense needs. We partner with various defense agencies to best understand their needs and design products that meet their compliance standards. Our calibration products are used by various defense equipment and component manufacturers from production areas to calibration laboratories.

Power Engineering


Temperature and pressure measuring instruments are used in all fields of power generation - from large-scale power plants (e.g. coal, gas, nuclear, hydro power) and peak-load electricity generation plants (e.g. gas turbine power plants) to decentralized systems (thermal power stations, wind power stations, biogas plants). At the same time measuring technology has to meet requirements which are as diverse as its application fields.

With our worldwide large standard product range of pressure and temperature measurement & calibration instruments and an exemplary customer-oriented service we offer our customers a suitable solution for every measurement task. In close cooperation with development departments of our business partners, special instrument versions are developed that can confidently meet required measuring criteria even under extreme conditions.

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Oil and Gas


Pressure, temperature measuring instruments can be found worldwide in the field of oil and gas production and generation, in offshore as well as onshore applications. Due to the extreme demands of measurement technology and hydraulic nature of operation, measurement & calibration products need to operate in hydraulic media, and provide high quality results safely and reliably.

With our industrial and premium pressure and temperature calibration solutions, we provide an array of standard and customizable products that meet the high – end safety and operational requirements of your industry. We provide calibration solution to various aspects of the Oil & Gas supply chain which can perform calibration on subsea transmitters, down-hole pressure and temperature sensors, and high temperature thermometers among others. 



High accuracy, precise measurement and reliability all make up the basic requirement for the development and production of our manufacturing instruments for the semiconductor industry.

 Our product range offers tailor-made solutions for pressure measurement and calibration in semiconductor and commercial electronics production systems. Through our innovative product design, characterized by quick measurement and excellent stability, reduced start-up and maintenance times are possible. 

research and education


Many Universities and higher learning institutions have grown to have vibrant research programs that are on the cutting edge of new technology development. Pressure, temperature and electrical components with the highest accuracy are critical in the collection, monitoring and control of parameters in experimental processes. For this reason, many institutions rely on the pressure, temperature and electrical calibrators offered by the Calibration Technology Division of WIKA, including Mensor, Mensor custom systems, DH Budenberg, Desgranges & Huot, and ASL

All of the brands under the Calibration Technology Division of WIKA are ideal for the demands placed on instruments that are used in research and development, at academic institutions. Our strength lies in our ability to understand and provide tools, in consultation with scientist and technicians, that meet the specific requirements of research / development projects.

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calibration services


Many companies around the world rely on calibration service companies, who are in compliance with local standards, to perform required calibration of their pressure, temperature and electrical devices. Calibration service companies employ a qualified team using certified standards to perform calibrations on components for their clients. The Calibration Technology Division of WIKA supplies the Calibration Service Industry with certified standards for use in pressure, temperature and electrical calibration.

The Calibration Technology Division of WIKA has a variety of pressure, temperature and electrical calibrators, covering a wide range of measurements, calibration service companies rely on us for calibrators and accessories to perform every calibration. Many of the Mensor pressure calibrators provide multiple ranges and multiple channels that cover a very large range with a single calibrator, while maintaining acceptable test uncertainty ratios. DH-Budenberg and Desgranges & Huot deadweight testers have been used in industry and national laboratories around the world for many years. ASL Thermometry bridges offer the highest standard of accuracy for reliable temperature calibration 



Companies that create original equipment to serve the specific requirements of an industry or just to create added value for their customers, purchase various components from the Calibration Technology Division of WIKA. In the U.S. market, typically these components would be a Mensor pressure transducer, pressure indicator and occasionally even a pressure controller.

Mensor offers Digital Pressure Transducers or Digital Pressure Indicators that are easily integrated into an OEM system to provide a very high degree of accuracy for critical applications. A pressure controller is incorporated if pressure control is required. Mensor works with several OEMs to help them provide their customers with a high degree of pressure accuracy within their original equipment.

Mensor Pressure Products

Digital Pressure Gauges, Indicators

 Precision digital pressure gauges are suitable for stationary and also mobile measurement and display of pressures. In addition, a digital pressure gauge can be used as a pressure reference and enables the easy testing, adjustment and calibration of other pressure measuring equipment directly on site. Through efficient measuring cells with electronic linearisation of the characteristic curve, a high accuracy is achieved 

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Hand-helds, Calibrators

Hand-helds are portable calibration instruments for mobile use for the accurate measurement and recording of pressure profiles. There are interchangeable pressure sensors with measuring ranges of up to 8,000 bar available for the instruments. Through this, hand-helds are particularly suitable as test instruments for a large variety of applications in the widest range of industries. Data recorded in the hand-held can be evaluated via PC software. Some instruments document calibrations in the internal memory, which can later be read on a PC. Optionally, a calibration certificate can be generated with our calibration software WIKA-CAL. 

Precision Pressure Transducers

Precision pressure transducers convert pressure into an analog or digital signal proportional to the pressure being sensed. Precision pressure transducers (sometimes called transmitters) are used to monitor and or control sensitive pressure processes. They can also be used as high accuracy transfer standards or as a factory working standard for testing or calibrating a variety of pressure measuring instruments. With an accuracy as high as 0.008 % of reading, these pressure transducers can be found in laboratories or in production environments where a high degree of precision and accuracy are required. Each transducer is calibrated in Mensor's 17025, A2LA certified laboratory.

Pressure Controllers

Pressure controllers are electronic controllers which quickly and automatically provide a pressure based on a supply pressure. Due to the high accuracy and control stability, pressure controllers are especially suitable as references for production lines and laboratories, in order to carry out automatic testing and/or calibration of all types of sensors.

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Primary Standards

Primary standards (often also referred to as mechanical dead-weight testers or pressure balances) are the most accurate reference instruments for pressure. Their functional principle is based on the physical principle of pressure = force/area. Mass pieces placed on the top of a piston-cylinder system are the source of a precisely defined force. By producing a certain (counter) pressure inside the primary standard an equilibrium is achieved: the mass pieces, including the free-running piston of the piston-cylinder system, are floating, which will lead to a very accurate pressure at the test port.

Pressure Generators

Test pumps serve as pressure generators for the testing, adjustment and calibration of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments through comparative measurements. These pressure tests can take place in the laboratory or workshop, or on site at the measuring point.

Mensor Temperature Products

Reference Thermometers

Reference thermometers (standard thermometers) are, due to their excellent stability and their geometrical adaptations, ideally suited for applications in industrial laboratories. They enable easy comparative calibration in baths, in tube furnaces and in dry-well calibrators. The advantage of reference thermometers is the wide temperature range, and with this, their flexible operation. Furthermore, with their low drift, a long service life is ensured. 

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Hand-helds are portable calibration instruments for mobile use for the accurate measurement and recording of temperature profiles. For the instruments there are various designs of thermometers available. Through this, hand-helds are particularly suitable as test instruments for a large variety of applications in the widest range of industries. Data recorded in the hand-held can be evaluated via PC software. Some instruments document calibrations in the internal memory, which can later be read on a PC. Optionally, a calibration certificate can be generated with our calibration software WIKA-CAL.

calibration baths

Calibration baths are electronic controllers which automatically, quickly and with the help of a liquid supply a temperature Due to the high reliability, accuracy and exceptional homogeneity in the measuring chamber, calibration baths are particularly suitable as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing and/or calibration of the widest range of temperature probes − independent of diameter. A special micro calibration bath design enables on-site applications. 

Portable TEMPERATURE Calibrators

Portable temperature calibrators (dry-well calibrators) are electronic controllers which automatically, quickly and dryly supply a temperature. Due to the high reliability, accuracy and simple operation, portable temperature calibrators are particularly suitable as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing and/or calibration of temperature measuring instruments of all types. A major advantage is offered by the large sleeve diameters and the fast, stable temperature control, since, as a result of these characteristics, the time for calibration can be used very effectively.

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Resistance Thermometry Bridges

By using built-in or external standard resistors, resistance thermometry bridges measure resistance ratios with high accuracy, which are indicative of the temperature, among other things. These instruments are not only used in the field of temperature measurement, but − due to their high accuracy − also in electrical laboratories

Mensor Current, Voltage, and Resistance Products

Current, Voltage, Resistance

Solutions for the testing and calibration of current, voltage and resistance are used in industry (laboratories, production, workshops), in calibration service companies and in quality assurance. These instruments are portable and mobile and are particularly notable for their low measurement uncertainty and high scope of operation.

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Mensor Digital Barometers

Barometric Pressure Indicators and Transducers

Barometric pressure instruments measure the ambient atmospheric pressure and are used in manufacturing, process control, aerospace, geoscience, calibration and a host of other applications where  ambient pressure is a factor in the results of tests, adjustments or calibration of components.  Mensor barometric references provide the highest level of accuracy in critical applications.

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Mensor Air Data Product

Air Data Test Sets and Indicators

Testing altitude and airspeed components in commercial and military air data applications are critical for the safety and performance of an aircraft. Mensor air data test set and indicators provide the high accuracy necessary for these applications. Air Data Test Sets control altitude /altitude rate and airspeed /airspeed rate, for testing altimeters and airspeed indicators or air data computers in a dynamic way that simulates actual flying conditions. Air data Indicators measure Altitude /Altitude Rate and Airspeed /Airspeed Rate for applications where conditions are externally controlled.

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