Dewesoft develops and manufactures versatile and easy-to-use data acquisition systems.  Their hardware is built to be extremely rugged and versatile with an emphasis on usability. By working closely with test engineers in many different industries is reflected in the ease of use of their DAQ systems. What sets their hardware apart is the versatility and usability. The same instrument can be used simply as an oscilloscope, data logger/recorder, FFT spectrum analyzer or fully featured instrument for power analysis, automotive testing, NVH, aerospace applications and more.



Dytran specializes in designing and manufacturing custom sensors, including piezoelectric and MEMS accelerometers, dynamic force and pressure transducers, USB accelerometers with software included, and digital bus-based sensors. Accelerometer product offerings include miniature, general purpose, triaxial, high temperature, industrial, airborne, high sensitivity, specialty, shock accelerometers and digital bus-based sensors. Products are used in aerospace, automotive, military, R&D, test and measurement and industrial applications.



GRAS Sound & Vibration is a worldwide leader in the sound and vibration industry. We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art measurement microphones and related equipment to industries where acoustic measuring accuracy and repeatability is of utmost importance. This includes applications and solutions for customers within the fields of aerospace, automotive, audiology, consumer electronics, and other high-demanding industries.


What is HALT and HASS?

HALT Definition- Highly Accelerated Life Test

HASS Definition- Highly Accelerated Stress Screen

HALT & HASS are unique, accelerated product reliability testing methods focused on finding defects in products so they can be fixed before becoming expensive field issues. Unique because these procedures are different from traditional design verification testing - different goals, different stresses, different results. Accelerated, because these procedures reveal product failure modes in a matter of hours or days, as compared to traditional test methods that can take weeks or even months to find, if at all. Using these procedures is an effective way to improve product reliability and increase your revenue. You can achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by ensuring your products are free from defects and other quality issues. 

How do they work?  

HALT and HASS, collectively referred to as Accelerated Stress Testing (AST), subject a product to a series of overstresses, effectively forcing product weak links to emerge by accelerating fatigue. Unlike traditional single axis vibration test methods or thermal only methods, an AST program requires specialized HALT/HASS equipment to render the required stresses - random six-degree-of-freedom vibration and rapid thermal change rates - in the combined environment necessary to drive out latent failure modes.

In these procedures, stresses are applied in a controlled, incremental fashion while the unit under test is continuously monitored for failures. Once the weaknesses of the product are uncovered and corrective actions taken, the limits of the product are clearly understood and the operating margins have been extended as far as possible. Result? A much more mature product can be introduced much more quickly with a higher degree of reliability.

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