Dewesoft proudly develops and produces data acquisition, test and measurement instruments that are used in the most advanced labs all over the world for developing rockets and satellites ensuring fast worldwide communication, new safer vehicles and products that are improving our everyday lives.


Our vision is to be the customer’s first choice in mission-critical test and measurement equipment created for maximum effectiveness and with stunning design. Thanks to our reputation and a strong sales network, the company can offer employees many opportunities to work on the most eminent projects.

Certified Quality

We are fully committed to the highest standards of quality for our development and manufacturing processes as well as to preserving the environment. As such, Dewesoft is a TÜV SÜD certified ISO 9001 and 14001 company.


1.  Data Acquisition Applications

2.  DAQ Systems

3.  Rugged DAQ Systems 

4.  DAQ and Control Systems

5.  Interfaces, Sensors & Actuators

6.  DAQ Software and Accessories


Data Acquisition

Dewesoft designs and manufacture versatile and robust data acquisition systems that make test and measurement easier than riding a bike. Their instruments are designed to be easy and fun to use, modular and extendable, and can work with any signal and sensor. Dewesoft instruments are built to be robust and can be used in every environment. By investing in our data acquisition solutions you invest into your time and your future.

Their hardware is built to be extremely rugged and versatile with an emphasis on usability. They have worked closely with test engineers in many industries, and this close collaboration is reflected in the ease of use of their DAQ systems. What sets their hardware apart is the versatility and usability. The same instrument can be used simply as an oscilloscope, data logger/recorder, FFT spectrum analyzer or fully featured instrument for power analysis, automotive testing, NVH, aerospace applications and more.

Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software

DEWESoft X is the world's most advanced data acquisition software. Data recording, data visualization, and data analysis have never been easier or more intuitive. No programming is needed in order to measure, store, visualize and analyze data. Simple drag and drop interface will make your results visible in real-time. More than 100 engineer years have been invested into development and testing of their award-winning data acquisition software. The latest generation DEWESoft X3 brings 64-bit support, numerous performance boosts and user interface tweaks. DEWESoft X3 Professional is included for free with every DAQ system and all software upgrades are free forever.

Data Acquisition Applications


Dewesoft has been pioneering testing applications in automotive industry. Their flexible hardware and software offer features for testing the entire vehicle from road load data, strain and stress analysis, component testing, harsh environment testing and more. Robust and highly precise data acquisition hardware supports various interfaces from analog, counter, digital, encoder, GPS, IMU, RTK, CAN, XCP, Flexray, video, ...). They offer you the all-in-one solution for on-road and testbed applications.

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Power and Energy

Precise voltage and current front end combined with high sampling rates are base for power analysis applications. Dewesoft power analyzer will not only provide all that, but it will also give you the flexibility to measure other parameters like RPM, vibration, temperature, strain, stress, GPS, CAN and more, all fully synchronized. This gives you a great advantage compared to conventional power analyzers. You can finally have one system that covers all your measurement and analysis needs.


Dewesoft has invested heavily in a dynamic signal analysis and NVH applications. They offer complete software and hardware solutions for structural dynamics (modal test, shock response spectrum, ODS, OMA, EMA, FFT), rotating machinery analysis (order tracking, FFT spectrum analysis, octave analysis, torsional vibration, field balancing) and acoustics analysis (sound level meter, sound power, sound intensity, RT60) at the industry’s best price to performance ratio.


Dewesoft products offer support for various aerospace interfaces like PCM telemetry, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, IRIG-106 CHAPTER 10, iNET, as well as Ethernet protocols with the syncronised acquisition of all the mentioned interfaces. This offers a unique solution for a wide variety of aerospace and defense applications. Whether you operate a ground station or you are testing or monitoring a flight, rocket, satellite, or military vehicle, Dewesoft offers a unique all-in-one solution for aerospace and defense testing and monitoring applications.

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It is not easy to describe all the measurement applications in which our instruments have been used. It is amazing to see how our customers are putting their products to use. With the flexible and modular design, support for industrial interfaces like Siemens S7, Modbus and OPC UA server/client, Dewesoft is ready for INDUSTRY 4.0 times. Data logging, data recording, preventive maintenance, industrial monitoring, real-time control front-end are just a few solutions that Dewesoft can offer to the industrial measurement market.

General Testing

Look no further for general test and measurement solutions. Dewesoft offers everything from simple to advanced data recording and data analysis systems. Our measurement units can be either all-in-one design for stand-alone operation or distributed across different locations with thousands of input channels. Features such as triggered storing, multi-file storing, database storing, remote control and network data storing together with intuitive and easy-to-use user interface will make data recording again fun.

DAQ Systems



The world's most versatile USB and EtherCAT data acquisition system. Any signal, any sensor, packed with cutting edge technology.

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Highly reliable SSD data logger with powerful data processing computer. The perfect companion to SIRIUS data acquisition system.

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Compact, mobile data acquisition system with a built-in data logger, powerful data processing computer, multi-touch display, and internal batteries for maximum portability. 

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Rack mountable DAQ system built into standard PC computer chassis and integrated SIRIUS data acquisition slices. Ready for simple and inexpensive upgrade of PC components.

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Compact data acquisition system with up to 64 analog inputs, 32 counter inputs and 32 analog outputs with built-in high-performance, highly reliable data processing computer and SSD data logger.

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High channel count data acquisition system with built-in data logger and powerful data processing computer, touch screen display (R8D) and internal batteries (R8B, R8DB) for maximum portability.

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Mixed signal data acquisition system and multichannel data logger with cutting-edge technology at an attractive price.

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Award-winning versatile USB data acquisition system with unmatched price/performance ratio and a small footprint.

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sirius mini


Small and highly portable, USB powered data acquisition system ideal for acoustic, vibration, and rotating machinery analysis.

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Rugged DAQ Systems

SIRIUS waterproof


Extremely rugged, isolated, IP67 rated, fast, and highly precise and attributable data acquisition system for testing in harsh environments.


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SBOX waterproof


Extremely rugged, IP67 rated data logger and powerful data processing computer. Perfect companion to SIRIUS waterproof DAQ system. 

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Rugged and distributed EtherCAT data acquisition system for field measurements in any environment. KRYPTON DAQ systems offer IP67 degree of protection and can operate in the extreme temperature range from -40 to +85°C.

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Small, highly portable and extremely rugged IP67 data logger for data recording in harsh environments

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DAQ and Control Systems



High channel count DAQ system with high-end signal conditioning, powerful computer, data logger, and real-time data output capability to EtherCAT real-time controller.

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Data acquisition and real-time control front-end system for industrial applications. All-in-one solution for real-time control and feedback monitoring

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Interfaces, Sensors & Actuators

CAN Interfaces


Multichannel USB CAN systems and CAN bus software with support for OBDII, J1939, XCP/CCP, CAN transmit and DBC files.

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GPS and IMU Devices


High accuracy 100Hz GPS receivers and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) with Real-time Kinematics (RTK) support for the most precise position based test and measurement applications.

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Aerospace Interfaces


Decode and visualize data from ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, IRIG CHAPTER 10, iNET and IRIG Chapter 4 PCM telemetry data interfaces.

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Video Cameras


High-speed and rugged video cameras with full synchronization capability and real time picture compression.

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Current clamps & Transducers


High-accuracy sensors for AC/DC current measurement and power analysis. From current clamps to high-precision zero flux current transducers and Rogowsky coils.

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Accelerometers & Angle Sensors


Single axis, triaxial accelerometers and impulse hammers for vibration measurement and structural modal analysis.  Angle sensors are perfect complementary sensors for applications like order tracking.

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Full range of modal and inertial shakers with integrated and easy-to-use amplifiers. Dewesoft permanent magnet shakers are compact, lightweight and powerful general-purpose shakers which can be used for modal and vibration testing. They have a high DUT capacity despite their small sizes

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DAQ Software and Accessories

Dewesoft X3


Dewesoft X3 is the most advanced data acquisition (DAQ), data recording, and data analysis software. Dewesoft X DAQ software received multiple international awards, is innovative, easy to use and deep in functionality.


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DSI adapters


TEDS equipped adapters that turn any of our DSUB9 universal analog input into direct IEPE, charge, thermocouple, shunt, voltage, LVDT or RTD input.

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EtherCAT accessories


Power and synchronization accessories for KRYPTON and SIRIUS EtherCAT and USB data acquisition systems.

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Battery packs


Battery packs for our data acquisition systems for stand-alone, in-vehicle or remote test and measurement applications.


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Rugged, high-resolution LCD displays and display accessories for mobile, in-vehicle test and measurement applications.

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Mounting plates


Flexible and robust mounting plates for Dewesoft data acquisition systems.

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